• Shenzhen Vintage Sign Co.,Ltd have over 10 years of marketing operation,we persist in the guidelines of "human oriented,integrity management,quality prioritized".We've been focusing on craft and construction of our products,combined with design,production and service in use,offering customized brand signage systems and application solutions for commercial space.

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Tina Yu

Senior Manger


Raise your words.not your vice.

It is rain that makes the flowers grow.

not thuder

Tinm Qian

Senior Manger


Anything in life worth doing

is worth overdoing

George Cheng

Senior Manger


Spread your wings across

the universe.it's your time to.

it's your time to shine

Mat Sha

Senior Manger


Follow your passion.

stay true to yourself. never

follow someone eles'path

Bernie Yao

Senior Manger


History was not made by

those who did nothing

Eric zeng

Senior Manger


Areal loser is someboby

that's so afraid of not winning.

they don't eventry

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