LED Should Be Parallel Connection or Series Connection?


Most customers tell us that,the LED sign they buy from other supplyer usually appear this problem,if one led light inside the sign is broken,the whole set of led sign will out of work,in fact,this problem we can overcome when we connect the led light of the sign,the follow we will share some knowledge of the best connection way for led light inside the sign,if you want to connection the light by yourself,you'd better read the follow.

LED should be parallel connection or series connection,that will depend on the circuit form of the power.Parallel or series all have its advantages and disadvantages.Parallel connection method only need add low voltage at the two side of every LED,but need use steady resistance or current source to make sure every LED light's brightness are the same.If the bias current which though every LED is different, the brightness will be different,and then course the whole set of led sign's brightness uneven.But,if use steady resistance or current source to make sure the led's brightness the same,that will shorten the life time of the battery.Use weries connection method essentially can guarantee the consistency of the led current though every led light,but this request the  power supply voltage very high.LED light use parellel connection,because the total current is every led light's current sum of minterms,so need the power can supply a big enough current.

In addition,when we using the series connection method,when one of the led light open circuit,the whole bunch will be out of light,but when one of the led light short circuit,other light can still light.When use parallel connection method,when one of the led light open circuit,the other lights can still light,but when one of the led light short circuit,the whole led sign will be short circuit and no light,that will not only make the led sign can not work as usual,but also have the probability to destroy the power.So,by contrast,series connection will be better.

In our actual use we usually use the method of series-parallel connection,that will overcome or reduce the above open circuit or short circuit which lead to the no light.What we are talking about series-parallel connection is use small quantity of led series connection first and then series steady resistance to make a branch,and then make several branch parallel connection form the "Branch Group".Besides,we can still use the series-parallel-series connection method,that way is to series several "Branch Group"together form the whole led sign's light source,this method not only will reduce the stoppage of led sign when it using ,but also make the steady resistance to be 0,make several high-power resistance to be dozens of low-power resistance,make the focus install to be disperse install,that not only good for resistance heat dissipation,but also make the led sign's design much perfect.