The Structure of Light Box and The Select of The Light Source Inside Light


Light box is one kind of LED sign,today we will talk about the structure of light box and the light source's select of light box.

The structure of light box:

The basic structure of light box is make up by three parts,they are fill light facility、pattern carrier、frame and mask.That three parts are we usually talking about light source、light sheet、outside frame.The follow we will talking about how to choose those three parts when we making the light box.

The select of the light source inside light box: 

The light source of light box we can separate it into inside light and outside light two parts.Today we will mainly talking about inside light box.Inside light box have many choice,including fluorescent lamp(T4/T5)、eefl 、neon light LED module(LED paster).

A.Fluorescent lamp is the most popular light source at present,in general light box's making,fluorescent lamp have a high cost performance;

B.LED product's cost is much higher,but accroding to light box's making,abnormal shape's making need high light effect,so we only can choose led products as the light source,for example:making a letter "店" for light box,maybe we still can put T4 in it,but if we make a letter"餐"for light box,T4 just need to finish it's class;

C.Neon light usually used in public place of entertainment like big hotel、guild hall、sukh niwas and so on.So,if it is for a outdoor signboard of a real estate agent's store,the light box's light source choice must better be neon light;

D.eefl and be consider as the upgrades of T4/T5 lamp,smaller size,saving more energy.

Light box is just one kind of led sign,next news we will go on talking about some other performance of light box,like the types of light box and the materials' choice.