The Repairing of Light Box


If your led sign out of work,what will you do,it have electric,if you don't know it very well ,it will be dangerous for you to repairing it yourslef,one set of led sign without light not mean it already no use,we can still repair it,the follow are some method for you to check you sign in a safe condition,we take light box for example,the follow are the possible reasons of the broken.

1.When dismounting the light box,the operator should wear white work gloves.Because there is oil、salt、acid、alkali and other component in the handperspiration,those all have corrosivity,stick at the stainless steel and then will corrode the surface of it slowly,make the stainless steel fade and change color slowly,lose the origin beauty;

2. When we dismounting the outside frame of the light box,we should avoid it being crush and distort,put the outside frame on the ground;

3.Pull out of the plug,disconnection of power(It's not suggestion to use the earth leakage protective device as the power switch),and then check the original electric(It's not allowed operate line work);When we are checking,we must careful,for example:the enter into hole of the electric line,barretter input,output terminal,the line on the lamp-socket and so on;

4.Ling box piece's size should be the same with the LGP,not too big or too small,to avoid it influence the show effect and the inside heat spill out;

5.When we install the outside frame of the light box,we should pick it lightly,flat pick up,flat hang up,and then switching the bottom of the light box,use soket head cap screw to fix it;

6.Then we should check if the headpiece electric line is in the electric come in and go out trough,if not,we must correct it;

7.Plug in, switching the main power to check if the light is normal,if appear that one side light and the other side no light,please deenergization,pull out the plug,and check the lamp-socket line,if the light tube become less crowded and not on the right place , if the barretter input or output become less crowded;

8.If the whole set of light box without light,please check if the earth leakage protective device have been connected,if the line in the plug become less crowded, if the barretter input or output become less crowded;

9.If the earth leakage protective device can not connect to power on,please check the come in and go out of the electric line,if the barretter and branch circuit below the light tube leakage;

10.If there is too much noise in the light box,please check if the barretter already ageing;

11.If the light box appear to sometimes light ,sometimes no light,please check if the starter,the terminal,light tube ,plug already ageing.

We will keep on update other types of led sign 's repairing method,to make sure you can repairing it by yourself easy and safely.