The Acrylic Blister letter's Manufacture Technology


Acrylic blister led sign letter and box's manufacture we must master 4 key points:

The first is metarial select.The widely used acrylic sheet in China,mainly inport or joint venture produce,the quality already very good.The price on market at present is ¥25-30 Yuan/kg,not only the price is hign,but also the use ratio during the manufacture is not high,those reasons lead to the high cost;

The second step is the manufacture of mould.Acrylic sheet fixed the position by vacuum,even the some letter,if the size is different ,also need different mould,and the mould also need to be well making.Because the precision and quality concern the to quanlity of the acrylic products directly,but mould need high manufacture techonology,need rice experience technology worker,so,according to the above reason,the acrylic blister light box have a high price for a long time,we have to say that ,the process of the acrylic blister light box must be the most important technology;

The third step is the post production.According to the above we have talk,the acrylic blister produce mainly produced by machine,some new machine's put into use enhance the efficacy,at the sometime lower the intensity involved in the labour.After the acrylic blister metarial shaped,still need to be edge milling、engrave、polish and so on,at last put the light source into the letter or box,bake finish it,and then it finished;

The fourth step is picture processing.According to different customer different request,we paint the pictuer on the box or letter by screen painting directly,and then vacuum it into shape,there are people,animal and products image on the box,and can be blister into 3D effect.

Acylic blister led sign is one type have being widely used in China or other country,it a very popular products.

The installation method of led and fluorescent lamp in the light box also one part of the manufacture technology,we will discuss it next news.