The Cooling Problem of Acrylic sheet and Acrylic Letter


1.According to the physical property of acrylic bottom sheet,the best cooling time is 24 hours,at least 12 hours and then it can be put into use;

2.The cooling method of acrylic bottom sheet:After we make the acrylic sheet out of the platform,turned around the sheet ,and make the 4 sides support by bracket,the bottom sheet will be hang in the air,do not let the bottom of the sheet face the floor,the surface of turn around side will be cooling rapidly,press a little time and then can put into use;

3.The cooling method of acrylic letter:When we make the acrylic letter out of the platform,put it on some place is smooth,press the 4 sides by weight,to avoid the bottom be out of shape.

The above is one making link when we produce led signs,and the above is our making method details.