The Logo's Design Flow


Most of our led sign is for logo,a set of led sign usually means a logo for a company or a store,the follow we will tell you how we design for customers,and what's the design flow.

1.First,we will collect customer's company background ,corporate culture,management idea and so on information,for the made to measure reason;

2.The logo's design,we will combine the collection information and the target object together and then analysis the new logo's design location:

A.Give the first design proposal which designed from the prime information ang the target object to customer for choose,customer give them modification according to the design proposal,in order to get the best idea for them company.

B.We will modify the design according the customer's opinion on the first design,and them give it to customer for confirming,once the design proposal ensure,it mean a corporate's image is finished.


After those,a set of led sign will be made according to the design,the made-up products will be the same as the design.