The Color's Choose of LED Sign


The design of the LED sign,we should not only pay attention to the form,material,composition of a picture can bring the nice feeling to the customers,but also can not ignore the color's choose,customers always recognize the led sign first by its color and then will be the logo of the store,if we can have a special choose on the color,it will be have strong attraction on customer,if we put this design the same to every chain store,it will give customer a very strong impression,and then will enhance the company's market position.

According to psychology show that,striking color can give people a strong visual impact,and special image also have irresistible attraction.All of them can give people a special psychoreaction.

LED sign 's color should be brightness,striking.Color have the function of attract customer's attention,because people alway feel color first and then will be the content.

Striking and brightness color can give people deep impress,for example,red,yellow,green have intensity penetrating power,and some warm color and middle color will easy to attract people's attention.At the some time,several color's collocation will be also important.Traffic lights use red,green,yellow this three colors just because those three color have a intensity penetrating power,in a long distance you can see it,so those three color's collocation is very popular in LED sign's color design.

In pattern,font of the letter's choose,we should consider the industry's character and the target consumer group,for example children clothes shop,the LED sign 's design should be brightness and striking,the pattern and the font we should choose some cartoon image and font,that will be not only show the character of the store,but also can attract some consumer's eyes.